Kleptocracy Monitor

Europe and its values are under threat from economic crime and the corrosive power of organized criminal groups and kleptocrats to influence policy and the media.

Fugitive kleptocrats and oligarchs seek safe harbour in Europe to engage in money laundering, acquire no-questions-asked "golden visas", and whitewash their reputations, chipping away at the foundations of European institutional integrity. 

Recent sanctions related to the war in Ukraine have raised public awareness to the enormous wealth, lavish lifestyle and political privilege kleptocrats from abroad have attained at the expense of their home countries.  Europe must protect its reputation as a regulatory superpower on the world stage by not turning a blind eye to unexplained wealth and networks of illicit or malign financial influence surviving and thriving in its home jurisdictions.

The Kleptocracy Monitor is an investigation initiative directed towards prosecuted criminals and sanctioned individuals and intended to bring public awareness to the procurement, laundering, and weaponisation of illicit wealth.